About Active Canada 20/20

Active Canada 20/20: A Physical Activity Strategy and Change Agenda for Canada, is the response of a broad cross-section of the physical activity community from across Canada who are concerned about health and quality of life, and who are committed to addressing the urgent national need to increase physical activity and reduce sedentary living. Eighty-five percent of Canadian adults and 93% of Canadian children and youth do not achieve the minimum level of physical activity necessary to ensure long-term good health and well-being. 

Active Canada 20/20 provides a clear vision and a change agenda to describe successful steps that, if implemented, will increase physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviour, thereby reducing health risks and achieving the many benefits of a society that is active and healthy. It demonstrates the actions that, if undertaken at multiple levels, will strengthen Canada by making physical activity an important cultural trademark.

Active Canada 20/20 Can Impact Every Family in Canada!

It is designed to engage decision makers and rally the collaborative, coordinated and consistent efforts of all stakeholders at every level to make a difference for the well-being and sustainability of our social programs, our communities, our country, and, most importantly, our people.