Who needs Active Canada 20/20?

Who Needs to be Part of an Active Canada 20/20 Change Agenda? ...You do!

Policy Makers
– Federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, corporate, education

Physical Activity Stakeholders – Education, recreation, sport, health, healthy living and fitness (private, public and voluntary sectors)

Related Sector Stakeholders –Transportation, environment, community planning, wellness and quality of life

Progressive Canadian Businesses – Marketing, employee assistance, human resources, safety

Caregivers – All those who love, support and care for the children, youth, seniors, and all those who need our support

Employers – Private, public and voluntary sectors

Educational Institutions – Schools (preschool to secondary), colleges, universities
Community Organizations – For children, youth, adults, older adults, families, underrepresented and at risk

From parents to policy makers, you make
the decisions that will help get Canada moving again.
In your home, in your community and in your school or workplace – be a change maker!