Area Of Focus #1 - Policy


Create a Canadian Physical Activity Policy similar in reach and scope to the Canadian Sport Policy. The Canadian Physical Activity Policy should explicitly target increased physical activity and reduced sedentary behaviours. The Physical Activity Policy would be developed in consultation with F/P/T/M departments concerned with education, transportation, human resources, infrastructure, environments, business, heritage and tourism, and other non-governmental stakeholders. A special Task Force or other mechanism for creation of the Policy should be considered
Employers in Canada should develop and/or strengthen results-oriented policies that support infrastructure and programs for employees to add physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours in their daily lives, including active transportation* to and from work. Health and Safety policies should address physical activity and sedentary behaviours. Employers and employees should be supported with tax incentives and policies designed to increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behaviours.
Governments should intentionally address people with the greatest need and access issues by targeting policies to eliminate disparities in participation levels.
Government departments responsible for community planning, design and transportation (federal, provincial/territorial, municipal, local) should establish and implement policies to prioritize active transportation.
School boards across Canada should adopt and implement policies in all schools to ensure the delivery of quality, daily physical education, including delivery by physical education specialists and support for the development of physical literacy** for all children.
School policies should also ensure opportunities for daily physical activity, school sport, intramurals, spontaneous play, active transportation and decreased sedentary behaviours.
Community organizations from all sectors should work together to develop policies that identify community assets for physical activities (facilities, corridors, green spaces and active spaces) and maximize use of those assets through shared use plans and agreements.
Multi sector opportunities should be investigated to collaborate with the insurance industry to reduce real and perceived barriers to physical activity associated with liability issues.

Policy Development, Change and Implementation:

Introduce, change, coordinate and
implement policies and/or legislation
at all levels of government, voluntary
and private sectors, to stimulate increases
in physical activity and reduce barriers.