Area Of Focus #3 - Programs


Elementary and secondary schools, with support from school boards and the Ministry of Education, should commit to the full delivery of the physical education curriculum to ensure that every child can develop the knowledge, skills and habits that are the foundation to a physically active lifestyle.
University teacher preparation should equip teachers to deliver quality daily physical education and an understanding of physical literacy and how it is formed in children.
Schools should ensure opportunities for daily physical activity, school sports, intramurals, spontaneous play, after school physical activity programs and active transportation.
Schools should implement practices designed to reduce and minimize extended sitting.
Municipal recreation and health departments, or municipal and local officials responsible for recreation or health, should set targets for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour of residents and monitor progress as part of their planning and performance objectives.
Facility managers of community schools, recreation facilities, clubs and organizations (both private and public sectors) should provide greater access for members of the community to access facilities in order to increase participation in sport and physical activity programs.
Primary health care professionals should be trained in physical activity prescription, sedentary behaviour reduction and referral as part of their education and professional development. They should be important community leaders and champions for physical activity.
Specific strategies should be developed by all delivery organizations to encourage participation in physical activity programs and reduce sedentary behaviours in people with the greatest need and access issues.
All employers should implement physical activity initiatives designed to increase the physical activity of employees while promoting a reduction in sedentary behaviours. Workplaces should have access to tools and resources to inform decisions by employers.
Investigate ways to promote “health enhancing physical activity” within all levels of the sport system (e.g. The National Coaching Certification Program, Canadian Sport for Life, Canadian Sport Policy).

High Quality, Accessible Programs and Services:

Establish, enhance and reorient programs, services and social supports where necessary to prioritize physical activity and enhance physical literacy.