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Development Of AC 20/20

In February 2010, ParticipACTION’s three Advisory Groups met with the purpose of each defining their activities with respect to:

(1) Providing advice to ParticipACTION;

(2) Supporting the physical activity sector; and

(3) Providing professional development opportunities to Advisory Group members.

A recommendation put forward by the (former) Policy and Capacity Building Advisory Group was to build on past and recent national and international efforts by developing a Physical Activity Strategy for Canada. Given its relevance to the sector, the timeliness of the initiative and the fact that a national strategy would be an initiative to which all Advisory Groups could contribute, ParticipACTION staff put in place a number of steps towards its development. A steering committee was then formed representing national stakeholders in physical activity, recreation, education, health promotion and sport to oversee the development of Active Canada 20/20.

With grounding in the 2010 Toronto Charter’s Global Call to Action and the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy, a national, inter-sectoral Active 20/20 consultation document was prepared that was used to support a broad physical activity sector consultation through an online survey and a series of in-person forums held from July 2011 to January 2012. Active Canada 20/20 incorporates recommendations that bridge the research, policy and practice components that will be needed to collectively achieve the Goal and realize the Vision of Active Canada 20/20.
The online and in-person consultation phase involved the enthusiastic feedback of approximately 1,700 physical activity, sport, recreation public health, government and industry stakeholders. These consultations informed, refined and significantly strengthened Active Canada 20/20.

Who “Owns” Active Canada 20/20?

Active Canada 20/20 is owned by all those stakeholders who participate in, and contribute to, realizing the vision of a physically active Canada. It belongs to you.

Unlike in many other countries, stakeholders in physical activity in Canada work locally, provincially, nationally, internationally and in all sectors – but without a coordinated agenda. By sharing our perspectives on what is needed to get Canada active and working toward that agenda together, we can have a much greater positive impact on the lives of Canadians. Although Active Canada 20/20 was originally conceived and developed by the Advisory Groups of ParticipACTION, these groups of diverse physical activity stakeholders now act as stewards of the Active Canada 20/20 strategy and seek to ensure that it:

• represents the needs of the sector;

• is current; and, most importantly, 

• is implemented as an agenda for change.