Kapuskasing, ON - SEPTEMBER 2011

Active Canada 20/20 Consultation: Kapuskasing, Ontario

September 21, 2011



C. Costas-Bradstreet

Overall Comments

  • In the vision, change the words “strengthen” to  “critical” or “imperative”
  • Add: culture and natural environment – these are important to being Canadian
  • The vision is too generic – should appeal to people personally (ego):  how does this vision affect me?
  • Eliminate the words “defines Canada”
  • “Social fabric” – need terms that are more user friendly; don’t like the use of “social fabric”
  • Make the vision simpler, shorter; expand in the goals.  E.g. For all Canadians to incorporate physical activity
  • Take out first sentence
  • Use word “lifestyle” in the vision
  • Need to ensure that communities and organizations understand that physical activity doesn’t always mean organized sports
  • Use terms such as accessibility and feasibility
  • Smaller communities need same support as cities (resources)


Pillar 1 - Policy Development, Change and Implementation

Overall Comments

  • DPA – need to ensure policies exist to encourage staff to have proper training
  • Increase policy change to make resources available to all members of the community
  • Volunteer hours are required to pass high school; why not a required number of physical activity hours. An extra credit could be offered for those who go above and beyond
  • Workplaces (maybe of a certain size) – should provide work at facilities and programs – i.e. government buildings (shows involvement/commitment)
  • Schools should educate students about what “free” opportunities exist (e.g. trails, etc.)
  • Qualified Physed teachers
  • Parents must be involved
  • Review discipline policy – educate teachers on using physical activity for challenging behavior
  • Provide teachers with tools if they are not qualified and provide more resources (special instructors)
  • Needs to be one main policy on which the smaller communities can build
  • Need to create bylaws to implementation
  • Start on smaller scale and build upward
  • Get public input  - not just employees; include youth
  • Provide incentives for active transportation policies


Pillar 2 - Targeted Information and Public Education

Overall Comments

  • Inclusion into current curriculum
  • Education for social media
  • Partnerships with community organizations (e.g. school boards, health units), needs to be a mandate

Pillar 3 - High Quality, Accessible Programs and Services

Overall Comments

  • Increase tax breaks for organized sports


Pillar 4 – Community Design and Social Infrastructure

Overall Comments

  • What is modernized transportation?
  • Safety issues – re lifeguards on beaches
  • Funding as a mandate